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Deny The Black Rhino Hunt Permit

Hello everyone, I understand that my political views aren't necessarily the same as all of my facebook friends, but I am hoping you would be able to agree with me on this and I am asking for your help. I ask that you please look at the following information, and then I ask that you please sign the petition to stop the Auction in Texas to Hunt a Critically Endangered Black Rhino. The Dallas Safari Club will auction off to the lucky millionaire with a fist full of money the right to kill one of these endangered creatures. They are saying that they are doing it to raise money to save the Black Rhino which is absolutely crazy! Killing for conservation - REALLY!? There have been many articles written the past few days about the Dallas Safari Club's preposterous statement including a great article you can find from CNN. Here are a few of the points made in some of the articles: "The world is seeing a concerted effort to preserve the very few black rhinos and other rhinos who are dodging poachers' bullets and habitat destruction," said Wayne Pacelle, president of the HSUS to AFP. "The last thing they need are wealthy elites from foreign lands coming in to kill them for their heads." He also questioned the ethics of wealthy, competitive trophy hunters who say they want to kill an animal in the name of conservation. "Shooting a black rhino in the wild is about as difficult as shooting a parked car," he said. "If these are multimillionaires and they want to help rhinos, they can give their money to help rhinos. They don't need to accompany their cash transfer with a high caliber bullet," he said. We are about $5,769 signatures short to reach our goal, and I have committed to try to get as many signatures as possible. I know that many of you are hunters, but I am hopeful that you will agree with me on this cause. Will you please go to the causes campaign and sign the petition today - It is not difficult to register and sign a petition for a cause! There is very little time left, we only have 2 days! While you are there, you can take a look at my other causes if you like, and perhaps there is a cause that is important to you that you would like to personally get behind. Thank you very much for your help!

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