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Demand A&E Reinstate Phil Robertson From Duck Dynasty

It matters to me because the guy who wrote this article is GAY, and he twisted it around to fit his agenda concerning GLAAD. To me, this is truly a Godless organization that is trying to undermine the beliefs of Christianity. Fine, more power to you but in the end, you will LOSE and lose big time. God will still love you no matter what, but in the end, due to your freewill, you and you alone will pick where you will spend eternity. I refuse to be ashamed of my heterosexuality, my beliefs in marriage, my beliefs in the Bible, my beliefs within myself. I have never even seen an episode of Duck Dynasty, I am not in any way a supporter of hunting, trophy or otherwise, because we have enough domesticated animals we torture and slaughter every day of the year, why add more to the list? I absolutely refuse to watch commercial television any way, so far, I am doing great without it. But to tell this man that he does not have the right to believe in what he holds true to his heart is wrong on so many levels and this writer used his position to basically write a yellow journalism article condemning him for how he believed due to his upbringing and cultural heritage. Is this what we want to teach our children that you have to accept, or be FORCED to accept someone who has an alternative lifestyle you do not agree with, and therefore be subject to public ridicule, while they are free to express theirs? Is this why we sent millions of men and women, most of them children, to fight wars to ensure our freedom of belief? YOU tell me, I would truly like an answer if you have one.

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