Victoria Mita

I visited Tacloban City last April and discovered a beautiful place, with heart-warming people. I will return this summer with an opportunity to volunteer.


A great big thank you to our friends at Your Mark on the World and Devin D. Thorpe for helping to spread the message AND donating! Tomorrow I will be sharing the incredible survival story of one of my friends in the Philippines, who I hope more of you will be keen to support. An additional, great big thank you to Michael Quinlan who not only…Read More

Raise Funds to Help My Friends & Colleagues With Typhoon Relief

This is a guest post from Victoria Mita of GoAbroad. Victoria Mita and the Children in Cangumbang a village nearby Tacloban On November 7, 2013, GoAbroad and FundMyTravel team members moved from their respective desks in the US office, so they could work together in their main conference room for the entire day. They were creating a…Read More
Mercy was one of the incredible friends and colleagues who made me feel welcome and comfortable in her incredible culture and beautiful city. I am thinking positively for all of our loved ones in the Philippines, every day and want you to know that I appreciate all the support you provided me when I was over there Mercy! I hope we can all work…Read More
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