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Give All Oif/Oef Veterans Equal Access To Medical Benefits

OOH , This IS Easy for me To Begin TALKING ABOUT ! ! ! my abusive husband mentally , physically , emotionally , and all other abuses ,,, he DID! after being homeless for a year , including having NO HELP FROM ANYONE , wearing the exact same clothes for a year , having no place to sleep for a year, I tried to kill myself... JESUS SAVED Me, tears,,, I take a deep breath. JESUS my LORD ,,, SAVIOR,,, my GOD ,,, SAVES ANYONE WHO CRY OUT TO JESUS ,,, ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS FOR OWN SINS,,, AND ASKING FOR JESUS TO SAVE HER/HIS SOUL,,, THEN SIMPLY ACCEPT = RECEIVE SALVATION ! ! ! WELCOME HOME,,, Welcome To GOD'S Family ! ! ! we PRAISE JESUS for you're SALVATION ! ! ! Now find a New Testament THE AUTHORIZED KING JAMES HOLY BIBLE Believing CHURCH ! ! ! we shall spend for ever with each other...

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