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*~*"Chief White Owl's Law!"*~* Stiffer Laws And Harsher Penalties For Nursing Homes!

I HAVE EXPERIENCED NURSING HOME ABUSE AND IT IS SIMILAR TO OTHER STORIES..Under fed/hit/pushed in corner/bed sores/lying in urine and feces/ ignored/ over medicated...if they is a laugh. Underpaid/not fully qualified and not enough staff. Food is mush no stimulation...most programs for emplyees...if patient disobedient..ruffed up..treated like a prisoner and hidden..they cover windows and do not always let you see family member. pushing elderly fast in chair and scaring them. fill them with fright..disrespect and more. sit in dirty members must show up as often as possible. cameras should be allowed. in a sense workers overworked!! so trickle down effect. sad way to end life..............

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