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Stop Dolphins Slaughters In Taiji Cove Japan

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, I wanted to go and see dolphins "in the wild" before I died. Obviously. I lived and my desire to do this is still strongly within my heart. I've always had a thing for these docile, smart and amazing animals and the slaughter that is going on in Japan MUST stop!! This is a disgraceful daily event that IS NOT A CULTURAL EVENT, as some of the Japanese have said. IT'S A PURELY FINANCIAL GAIN for these monsters that capture and kill these helpless creatures. If they are not killed & sold as whale meat, then they are captured and sold to "entertainment centers". Those not captured or killed can return to the ocean, without the rest of their pod, which is devastating! Can you imagine the trauma of the entire event? It should not come as a surprise that the "survivors" do not usually survive and end up perishing. HOW CAN WE STOP THIS? Sign ALL the PETITIONS concerning this; REFUSE to go to any "ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS" that have whales or dolphins on display if they are not seen in their natural habitat; and last but not least, REFUSE ALL THINGS JAPANESE!!!!! It won't take you too long to sign a petition and share it on Facebook!! I am begging you to please do whatyou canto stopthis andswabs these precious animals. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support and your compassion!!!!!

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