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Legalize Marijuana

I have had too many friends & family suffer when the answer has been here the whole time. It's very f**cked up when some states have allowed it, while others are basically saying "yes we know this would help you tremendously, and stop your suffering but we are a bunch of uptight assh**les that don't care what your problem is, because it is not ours, so shut up, suck it up, and suffer you are not important to us loser." However, we will legalize alcohol, an actual drug that kills thousands of innocent lives every year. What f**king sense does that make? Weigh the odds dumbasses!!! Wow this subject makes me angry. I have set with family and friends that were dying and suffering greatly, and it is one of the most helpless feelings in the world, and you can't do anything. Then when they pass on you can NEVER get those images out of your head, and you are never the same. Please, have a heart. If it were your loved one you'd want to do everything in your power to help them, so open your heart and mind and legalize this ALL NATURAL HERB!

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