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Cut Conflict Palm Oil, Not Rainforests

matters to me because we can make healthier choices and not use palm oil!Their are healthier oils to use and don't come from areas where endangered species like Oranguatangs live.Plus by uniting together we can pressure big corporate business to take and use different oils than palm oil!When people like us vote their wallot and their purse not to buy something in mass,..believe me they notice!!!Also every product has an address,website or toll free number if you really take 1 minute or less to call them and ask where,why they get their oil is it palm oil,then tell them this offends you and you will get mass's of people to join you to BOYCOTT buying their product.Sadly this only method that really works they don't give a damn until their sales revenue and popularity declines!!!Then big corporations change their ways when revenues slide and shareholders demand change!Come on empower yourself we can change our world one person can make a difference,millions of us can change our world for the betterment of mankind and our animal and plant friends of our planet Earth its got to sustain us,or we are doomed but mother nature needs our help,..we need her around and in good health for now and future generations to come!!Please help let your opinion be heard 98% of us can do something.In the future I believe we will be able to control the economy and become equal partners in clean,green business technologies and levels of business as shareholders,investors in our Earth and our financial stake in these corporations we can drive them towards being profitable and green,..our existence and all species depends upon it!!!PLease let's proceed!!!

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