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More love for game-based learning! Our Educade movement is featured in today's Huffington Post article. Read here and please share!

Curating Games-Based Learning

The Huffington Post
You have probably noticed the rise in discussions about the importance of play and games to support children's learning. While many in the educational space see this as revolutionary, play-based learning has been the foundation of our understanding of how children learn for a long time now. Consider the Montessori Method, Reggion Emilia and the…Read More
So cool! is featured in The Wall Street Journal article "Now Teachers Encourage Computer Games in Class" which recognizes the value game-based learning brings to the classroom.

Why teachers are encouraging students to play computer games in class.

Stephanie Banchero
A growing number of education experts, school districts and companies are applying what young people love about games and gaming to new tools for teaching core subjects. But do they work? WSJ's Jason Bellini has the Short Answer. At a private school in Houston, eighth-graders slingshot angry red birds across a video screen for a lesson on…Read More
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