Justice for Mary

We want ..JUSTICE FOR MARY. Thankyou for joining us. Sean D. Janas - Wausau Wisconsin, poisoned an innocent German Shepherd (mix) calle... Read more


We want ..JUSTICE FOR MARY. Thankyou for joining us.
Sean D. Janas - Wausau Wisconsin, poisoned an innocent German Shepherd (mix) called Mary with Drano and Bleach for months on end while she gleefully recorded her sadism in a diary. Finally, slitting Mary's throat. Sean D. Janas is obviously a deranged and very dangerous individual who poses a real threat to society. It's time now for the courts to recognize how serious animal cruelty is and to treat abuse crimes against animals like this accordingly. Mary's case is one of the most horrific cases imaginable; Mary's suffering went on for months and she had no way to escape or had hope of any rescue. In Mary's memory and to honor her, we urge that Sean D. Janas be given the maximum penalty for her crime against Mary which would give her 5 years in jail. Anything less is just NOT acceptable.

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PLEASE READ this is the : official criminal complaint and Court document:

It is outrageous only 1 in 4 dog owners in Marathon County currently buys a license for their dog(s). I think I read that's about $570,000 lost revenue that could fund animal welfare officers/programs. Why isn't this being enforced? Half a million dollars is a lot of missing money & a lot of animals suffering as a result of understaffed, underfunded programs.
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Please note: Justice for Mary will also feature other animal cruelty cases, with the sincerest of hope that our members will help to take action and demand Justice for these other poor animals that have been so brutally hurt or killed as well.
ANIMAL CRUELTY: Once you know, you can't unknow!

Many thanks
Jayne Cvetanoski
Australian Animal Advocate.
November 2012.

Update from March 2014
Sean D Janas faced court earlier this year and her sentence was ridiculous!
WAUSAU — A 22-year-old Wausau woman will spend 1.5 years in prison, nine months in jail and two years on extended supervision for torturing and killing her boyfriend’s dog.
Sean Janas, who was given credit for 427 days served, was convicted March 4 in Marathon County Circuit Court on charges of felony mistreatment of an animal and misdemeanor exposing a domestic animal to poison. A charge of obstructing an officer and two unrelated retail theft charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.
Mary will never ever be forgotten, and this group will live on in her name to fight to help other innocent animals.