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Mother Jones investigates farming practices and finds drought-parched farms using fracking wastewater to irrigate their crops. And there's nothing that prevents this -- even for organic food!

There might be fracking wastewater on your organic fruits and veggies

Mother Jones
The US Department of Agriculture's organics standards, written 15 years ago, strictly ban petroleum-derived fertilizers commonly used in conventional agriculture. But the same rules do not prohibit farmers from irrigating their crops with petroleum-laced wastewater obtained from oil and gas wells—a practice that is increasingly common in…Read More
A ship responsible for preventing and responding to oil spills has been found to have a 3-foot gash and is being sent back for repairs. Shell does not anticipate that this news will delay its Arctic drilling.

Icebreaker key to Shell's Arctic drilling program damaged, returns to port

Alaska Dispatch News
In another hurdle for Royal Dutch Shell’s Arctic drilling program, an ice-handling vessel playing a key role in the operation has returned to Dutch Harbor after a gash was discovered in its hull. The Fennica, a 380-foot Finnish vessel, was damaged Friday as it headed for the drilling grounds in the Chukchi Sea off the northwest Alaska coast, with…Read More
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