Stop Violence Against Women

My name is Carissa Daniels and 15 years ago I survived a domestic violence relationship. My young daughter and I spent 4 months in h... Read more


My name is Carissa Daniels and 15 years ago I survived a domestic violence relationship. 

My young daughter and I spent 4 months in hiding before starting over in a place where we knew no one, because my ex had threatened my life.  People who haven't experienced domestic violence don't understand it is not just about the violence. That is only one aspect of abuse.  

At its core, domestic violence is about power, control and manipulation. Those can be revealed in many ways, through intimidation, threats, psychological abuse, isolation, coercing and more. Children become pawns to abusers, who use and sometimes kill them to keep control. Charlie and Braden Powell are just two of many kids who have died at the hands of a parent-abuser, because the system did not protect them.

Battering is the single most common cause of injury to women - more than muggings, auto accidents, and sexual assaults combined.

Every single day, women lose their lives to violence perpetrated by a husband or boyfriend. Many of these women turn to alcohol or drugs to try to deal with the unmanageable, and an estimated 1/3 of of them end up dying at the hands of their abusers. One in four women who commit suicide are the victims of domestic violence

Fact: Most domestic violence incidents are never reported. Help change the facts. Speak up, speak out, and make a difference for victims of domestic violence.  

I have chosen to be part of this group to take a stand, to say abuse is never okay, and it needs to stop NOW. I also know that that there is strength in numbers. That's why I hope you will all join me as I do what I can to be a voice for those who have no voice, and stop violence against women.  

Thank you, 

Carissa Daniels