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"Combined with powers to compel witnesses and execute search warrants, this commission has the ability to shine a light into the darkest corners of the greyhound racing industry."

Special commission to investigate greyhound racing

The Sydney Morning Herald
The greyhound racing industry, its management and some of its barbaric, secret practices including live baiting and shooting unwanted dogs are to be investigated in a new and wide-ranging inquiry with royal commission powers. The Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing, Troy Grant, has announced a Special Commission of Inquiry, which will examine…Read More
The biggest issues however are the 20,000 greyhounds bred each year to race. How many are trained this way? How many are abused and neglected, and how many are killed just because they don't want to race? Owners and trainers have a legal and moral obligation to care for these dogs. For more information and how to help, go to Friends of the Hound…Read More

Hundreds of greyhounds to be put to death amid Queensland dog racing scandal
As if it isn't always the innocent victims of abuse and greed by their trainers and owners who suffer, hundreds of racing greyhounds are now in danger of being euthanized after authorities revealed the use of "live baiting" to train greyhounds in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, reports Friend of the Hound Thus far, 13…Read More
VETERINARY nurse Selena Cottrell-Dormer knows all to well what the dark side of the greyhound racing industry looks like after witnessing the destruction of dogs first hand.

Nurse exposes racing’s dirty secret

The Greyhound racing industry is under scrutiny following a Four Corners investigation that revealed trainers and owners across Australia allegedly using the illegal training method of live baiting. Picture: Vince Caligiuri, Getty Images. VETERINARY nurse Selena Cottrell-Dormer knows all to well what the dark side of the greyhound racing industry…Read More
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