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The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for healt... Read more


On Saturday, May 24, millions of people around the world will March Against Monsanto. This year, we are asking activists who march to spread the word about the damage Monsanto and the rest of the pesticide-makers are doing to the honeybee and monarch populations. Find a march near you:
On Tuesday, May 20, voters in two counties in Oregon passed ballot initiatives to ban the growing of genetically engineered crops. Jackson County’s Measure 15-119 passed overwhelmingly, by 66 percent to 34 percent. Proponents of the ban raised only $375,000 compared with a record nearly $1 million raised by the opposition, which included…Read More
“ The food industry in America is a $1.2 trillion a year business and the food companies and biotech firms, like Wall Street, are controlling and influencing government policies.” – Anthony Suau Anthony Suau, a Pulitzer Prize recipient and Emmy award winner, lived in Europe for 20 years. When he moved back to the U.S., he wondered why the quality…Read More
OCA political director Alexis Baden-Mayer was arrested yesterday as she and other activists protested the recent change to the National Organic Program's synthetic materials sunset policy at the National Organic Standards Board meeting in San Antonio, Texas. The new NOP policy makes it harder to remove synthetic substances from USDA Organic foods.…Read More
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