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News from Cuba:

BBC: Cuba to scrap two-currency system in latest reform · Causes

Since 1994 Cuba has had two currencies, one pegged to the US dollar and the other worth only a fraction of that. The more valuable convertible peso (CUC) was reserved for use in the tourism sector and foreign trade. Now its value will be gradually unified with the lower-value CUP, ending a system resented by ordinary Cubans. No fixed…Read More
We are excited for this presentation here in San Francisco!

Cuban conscious Hip Hop duo, Obsesion, visits Global Exchange! · Causes

Today in San Francisco, Global Exchange and CODEPINK will meet with the socially conscious Hip Hop duo, Obsesion, from Cuba! Obsesion is a prominent Cuban hip-hop group that has been an integral part of the Havana Hip-Hop scene since it’s inception. Their work focuses on issues of race and the Afrocuban identity. During Obsesion’s last visit to…Read More
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