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Nurses, students, grandmothers, organizers and everyone in between came out to Sacramento Saturday to call on the Governor to ban fracking. The 4000 people surrounding the capitol this weekend took this campaign to another level and we've really got the momentum behind us. This photo was snapped from across the street and gives you a taste of how…Read More
"It's rattling him"

Fracking exposes rift between Jerry Brown, Democrats

Fracking has opened vast oil and natural gas deposits across the country, creating legions of fans and foes alike. Now the technology has exposed a rift between Gov. Jerry Brown and a very vocal part of his Democratic base. Brown has come under increasing fire from the state's powerful environmental lobby for his support of hydraulic fracturing,…Read More
Breaking News: LA city Council vote to place a moratorium on fracking, becoming the largest city in the US to do so! Momentum is cranking up. See you in Sacramento March 15th to pressure Governor Brown to take LA's leadership statewide!

Los Angeles Bans Fracking - westsidetoday.com

Los Angeles moves to ban fracking. (Thinkstock) Los Angeles has become the largest city in the United States to actively take a stand against the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as the City Council unanimously approved Feb. 28 to take a moratorium on the unique practice to draw more oil out of the ground. The 10 to 0 vote means…Read More
Los Angeles could become the first city in California to place a moratorium on fracking!

Moratorium on fracking OK'd by LA City Council committee

Listen Now [36 sec] Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Protestors hold signs against fracking during a demonstration outside of the California Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Sacramento. A Los Angeles City Council committee recommended a moratorium on fracking Tuesday, citing the state's drought, residents' health concerns and…Read More
TAKE THE PLEDGE TO JOIN US AND THOUSANDS OTHERS THIS MARCH 15TH California is in crisis: even with the rain of recent days, we are in the midst of the worst drought in our state's history. Yet at the same time, Governor Brown is continuing to allow fracking to take place around the state, permanently removing millions of gallons of water out of…Read More