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Houston, we have a proposition to pass! In the eight days leading up to Election Day, we'll share eight good reasons to save the 8th Wonder of the World by voting for Proposition 2. Today we start with a given – this iconic structure put Houston on the map as a leader in innovative design and architecture.
Houston Mayor Annise Parker has endorsed the New Dome Experience, the innovative plan that will reinvent the Dome into the world's largest special event space. "I'm proud to support The New Dome PAC and the effort to re-purpose the Astrodome, Houston's 8th Wonder of the World. This plan will bring jobs, a positive economic impact and a renewed…Read More
Eight Reasons to Save the "Eighth Wonder of the World" 1. The Astrodome was the first domed stadium. In the world. Ever. 2. We'd rather pack the Dome with people than pack a landfill with the Dome. 3. The Astrodome was a testament to Houston’s cutting-edge spirit in 1965. Reinventing the Dome will keep that spirit alive in the 21st century. 4. We…Read More
As proposed, the New Dome Experience will cost a taxpayer that owns a home worth $200,000 approximately $8.00 a year. The reporter of this great article really puts that into perspective: "For that $8.00, we get a venue that has 350,000 square feet of column-free space with a 175 foot ceiling. Nashville, Tennessee is building a building with…Read More

LINDSAY: Reasons to keep the Astrodome
On November 5th there will a bond referendum where we can show the Harris County Commissioners Court we want to keep the Dome. The referendum will provide authority for the Court to spend $217 million on the Dome. The court may choose to do this without a tax increase since the county is in great financial shape. It maintains a AAA bond rating, a…Read More
The Houston Chronicle says it best: "Grander projects have been constructed since Houston wowed the globe with the Eighth Wonder of the World. As half-mile-high towers loom over cities like Dubai, no one can question humanity's power to create. The question for the 21st century is whether we have the power to preserve. If Houston saves the Dome,…Read More

Vote for the Dome

Houston Chronicle
There has been a lot of finger-pointing over the Astrodome's mismanagement, but come Election Day it only matters that voters point their fingers to the ballot button and approve the $217 million bond initiative to save the Dome. When it was completed in November 1964, the Astrodome thrust Houston into the global spotlight. Before "Houston" was…Read More
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