A Better LA - Keeping Kids Safe From Gang Violence

Founded by Pete Carroll, A Better LA is devoted to creating a sustainable and comprehensive model for reducing violence and strengthening... Read more


Founded by Pete Carroll, A Better LA is devoted to creating a sustainable and comprehensive model for reducing violence and strengthening inner-cities.

A Better LA was co-founded by USC Football Coach Pete Carroll and Chairs of The Pacific Institute Lou & Diane Tice. 

A Better LA is a nonprofit dedicated to breaking the senseless cycles of violence and hopelessness that claim or destroy thousands of lives every year. 

Our unique approach uses research-based methods to help troubled communities. We unite a diverse group of community partners – law enforcement, City Hall, community based organizations and people who grew up with gangs, including former gang members – to build a team blending both the high level and on0the-ground knowledge and experience.

Our three core components are:

Stop The Violence. A relatively small group of people in the inner-city cause most of the chaos and violence. We fund and train community outreach workers – people who grew up in the inner-city with gangs – to engage these individuals. These outreach workers use their relationships to convince people to stop senseless shootings. They are critical to success, but have never been supported before. A Better LA is stepping up to help them now.

Engage For Change. We next provide individualized counseling, education and jobs for the highest needs members of the community – kids and young adults who usually get left out of services. We build character through sport, cooperation through play and utilized evidence-based methods to help individuals change from within.

Build Communities From Within. It takes an entire village to effect true change. We leverage our resources and relationships at all levels within a community – because we understand the sum of any effort is greater than its individual parts. By engaging the entire community, we can foster an environment of hope, where residents can freely work, play and dream.

We support leaders from the inner-city because we understand that change must come from within. Two inner-city groups we currently fund, which employ outreach workers, are Unity One and CURE (Common Unity Reaching Everyone).

The following video helps explain a little more about what we do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT52JXgoON8.
Contributions to A Better LA can be made using the "Donate" link on the right of this Facebook page or at https://www.abetterla.com/donate/Default.asp.

1. Change in the inner-city must start from within. We must empower and support those who live there every day.

2. Our leaders in law enforcement agree that arresting people does not create a healthy, safe community in the long run.

3. For the first time in history, research gives us a road map to stop violence and build healthy, safe communities.

4. Find out more at our website: http://www.abetterla.org/.