Does Google actually think that this is a reasonable explanation to continue to omit Palestine from its global maps? Do better, Google. Don't be evil.

Google denies deleting Palestine from Maps following online uproar

Wednesday 10 August 2016 Google Maps Google has been forced to deny accusations it has deleted Palestine from Maps after a bug led labels on the West Bank and Gaza to disappear. ADVERTISEMENT After critics claimed Palestine had been "airbrushed" out, the tech giant explained to WIRED that it was never there in the first place and…Read More
There is still work to be done until there is workplace equality for all disabled workers...

After Outcry, White House Extends $10.10 Minimum Wage to Some Disabled Workers | Blog, The Poverty Line |
This post was first published in In These Times. Earlier this month, Working In These Times broke the news that Obama’s promise to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour for federal contractors would not apply to thousands of disabled workers currently receiving subminimum wages — some as low as pennies an hour — under a special exemption from…Read More
Is the Obama Administration treating disabled workers like second-class citizens?

Advocates want disabled included in wage hike - US News

US News & World Report
By SAM HANANEL, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — More than a dozen advocacy groups are urging President Barack Obama to include mentally disabled workers in his call to raise the federal minimum wage for employees of government contractors. The groups, including the National Organization on Disability and the National Down Syndrome…Read More