10 Reasons for a Cultural Boycott of Israel

We're sending a clear message to Israel that we will not lend our voices to it's apartheid policies and military regime: Welcome to the 1... Read more


Last chance to support the Aerosmith BDS campaign Hello supporters, ​Tonight, while 1300 Palestinians will be on their death-beds in Israel's dungeons, holding on to their already month-long hunger strike; while thousands will be protesting their abuse in the streets of the West Bank and the Palestinian areas of Israel; while two million children,…Read More
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler meets US Ambassador to Israel in the occupied West Bank Sporting Muslim garb and accompanied by Israeli security guards, who got their training controlling the indigenous Palestinian population in at least one of Israel's armed forces, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler visits the occupied West Bank, where he chances upon the newly…Read More
Aerosmith has arrived in apartheid Israel. Add your voice to the BDS petition! Dear supporter, Aerosmith has arrived in apartheid Israel. Israeli media reports the band plans to use its freedom of movement to travel, including to destinations such as occupied Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. With only 2 days to their concert, please join over 6000…Read More
Just a week left for the Aerosmith BDS campaign! Palestinian prisoners are on day 24 of their historic hunger strike, so we realise how an Aerosmith concert can seem like a marginal issue. But let's remember that the prisoners have asked us to escalate our BDS campaigns. Our BDS campaign happens to be about popular music and the way in which it…Read More
​Only 2 days left to the Aerosmith BDS Thunderclap. Join us! Hello supporters, Only 2 left to the Aerosmith Thunderclap! So if you haven't yet, join us and sign and share the petition with your friends and family https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/55520-aerosmith-boycott-israel To those of you unfamiliar with thunderclap: It's very similar to…Read More
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