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In a new op-ed, Freedom to Marry founder and president Evan Wolfson reflects on how far we've come in the 10 years since the first legal marriages between same-sex couples - including the recent movement forward in the South! Don't miss it:

How Far We’ve Come in the 10 Years Since the First Legal Gay Marriage

The Daily Beast
On the tenth anniversary of that first hard-fought marriage breakthrough in Massachusetts, the movement is celebrating victories in 16 other states and D.C. But the fight isn’t over. May 17, 2004, still glows in my memory. It was the first time in American history that same-sex couples could get married, and we did, surrounded by loved ones,…Read More
10 years ago, Massachusetts became the first state with the freedom to marry, opening the door to other early breakthroughs - now, momentum for marriage is at an all-time high. Click "heart" to celebrate this 10-year anniversary of marriage in MA, and don't miss this video we produced for Freedom to Marry's own 10th anniversary:
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