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Stop E Bay Selling Taxidermy & Animal Corpses

Why on earth do people want this type of thing? Some people seem to think it is a status symbol to 'own' things like this..."Ooh look, its real you know." "Look at this giant animal I bravely tracked down and killed." There is no reason other than a need to satisfy a primitive blood lust of some kind. What they pay no attention to is, the animal they 'own,' or hunted was a living, breathing being, with feelings the same as us. The main difference is, animals do not kill or cause pain and suffering for their own pleasure, there is always a reason for an animal attack. Humans just cause pain, suffering, death for pleasure. How can this world progress to a peaceful, safe world we all want to live in, while there are those who don't care about the needless suffering of a defenceless creature? If the people who do (or condone) these actions believed the same thing was going to happen to them, they would stop doing it. We all know why. It is because they are bullies and cowards.

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