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Stop Obama From Granting Amnesty To Illegal Immigrants

I am a 78yr old Great Grandmother of 10 Beautiful children. I want America to be the safe home that it always was for me, until recent history.Half of those Children are of Black/ White parents, I Love this Great Country we are blessed enough to be born in. "Those are the key words " born here, or legally emigrated here with the intent of being a working contributing member of this society , not "Entitled " to being taken care of because some Great, great, great something or other was a slave. All of our Ancesters came here from some where else. Even those called Native Americans,From some where in Europe .We are Americans-- we as Patriots, loyal Americans-- do not call ourselves German American or French American-or Chinese American, English American,Irish Americans. Therefore there is no such thing as African/American unless you yourself emigrated from Africa, if you came here to be an American, and not to be taken care of financially , why now call yourself anything but American ,who happens to be White, Black, or Multiracial ? I challenge us all to Stand "Strong and Tall" help us to save our Great Country ---- For the sake of our young ones. God Bless America, Our Home Sweet Home.

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