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Save The Bees And Save Our Food!

Come on people, get on board on this one -- please! Help us get the EPAs, all around the world, to address this issue immediately and ban the use of these pesticides once and for all. Harvard University has the data in hand - it is proven now - industrial pesticides are wiping-out bees colonies the world over. And my friends, if the bees go, we go (because bees alone pollinate almost all our food-crops; and you may not know this, but they are now at the point of being critically endangered); and once they're gone, so are many other species on this planet, inluding us. If we don't act NOW, it maybe too late. Please sign the petition, I beg you. But do more than that -- start the change at grass-roots by demanding organic produce at your supermarkets and groceries stores and accepting nothing else ... because nothing else will work. If we don't boycott non-organic, we will be there to witness the end of our fresh foods, and flowering plants of all kinds. Please help us. Help the bees, help Mother Earth ... help yourselves!

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