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Shut Down The Factory Farms!

When I was 6 years old I realised what meat was and that I didn't feel like eating my friends! With some adult realism and many debates! - i accepted that we wouldn't have sheep in our fields if folk didn't eat them. I love farms and nature and when animals are bred and reared properly I have absolutely no problem with them being eaten. I actually used the same philosophy with my pet rabbit Jeffrey - 'i'd rather he had a short and happy life than a long and horrid one'. He frolicked happily in our garden and did quite quickly get taken by a mean fat cat! but at least he lived! Animals are not meant to live in cages. They should experience grass and dirt and play out all their natural habbits. At 16, with a more realistic idea about the world I joined compassion in world farming, this organisation really holds my beliefs in free range farming methods. I believe it is cruel to keep animals in confined conditions and deprive them from their natural habitats. Battery chickens are kept so closely crammed together that germs spread quickly so they are pumped with antibiotics - is this a good use of a medicine that becomes resistant to bacteria? Is this meat really something you want to put in your body? Aside from the bad karma of factory farmed meat - I don't understand how people can consume something so grosse, usually the reason is cost but then they spend money on going to the gym or buying vitamins?????! 'I have a dream'...! that like aparthied and anti-same sex marriage and smoking, people in the future will look back and think OMG - i can't believe they did that! It is so wrong. THe times they are a changing! MY MESSAGE TO YOU IS DON'T EAT CRUEL SHIT.

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