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Stop The Most Expensive Epa Regulation Ever

It was shown to me first of all that ozone molecule sare two freed oxygen atoms that join and when sunlight hits the ozone it splits it back into two freed oxygen atoms...these oxygen molecules desire to be attached to another oxygen molecule and consequently to another atom or molecule...when sun is not present, the ozone molecules are no longer being prevented from attaching themselves and precede to do so... The point is that ozone depletion is a hoax because ozone by nature does not want to be ozone...when global interests want to create another global issue we must "all join" to fight, ozone is another false issue and it is shown as an ozone "hole" in the atmosphere not protecting us from damaging effects of sunlight....so they show the pole of the earth that is NOT facing the sun that season, as then ozone is attached to other molecules and therefore not showing on satellite images...as a "hole", whereas on the side of the earth FACING the sun, ozone is showing because it is being separated by sunlight into ozone molecules being prevented from attaching, and therefore doing their job very well in protecting against the damaging effects of the sun. Its a hoax and while we do need to cooperate globally in many issues as a human race since technology and population growth expand and we get closer to each other in travel and communication and trade, other issues are created artificially to create international legislation for the furthering of international/global government for its OWN purpose and "ozone depletion" as well as "global warming" are two of these bogus issues. Do not create more real problems with imagined "problems" created for international regulation and nothing more. I too say "NO"

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