Aunty Ann

I am a kind hearted person with a large personality. I do not like to see humans or animals hurt in any way shape or form, I am fun, witty and charming, I am a homely person I enjoy making things painting, drawing, sewing, music , I keep a clean home as cleanliness is next to Godliness.. .I have a soft centre I am sensitive to things I believe in ...I never ever give up on what I believe in, I am very loving, I do not worry about hard work I thrive on it i do not give my heart away freely, I am a private person, I can take a laugh and a joke and usually make people laugh myself people who know me say i am very funny. not sure in what way loll ! I am Unique , blonde long hair, green eyes, very loyal normally... I would expect a relationship to last for life normally. I have a lot of genuine affection for people I Love.... I always give more affection to people I Love that is my nature I am Taurus the bull birth sign, I can charge however we are earth fixed signs, so we are peaceful and deep as oceans very misunderstood as we are very happy in a relationship which is loving we thrive on love and affection but are strong enough to fight for who or what we believe in. we are great protectors of our family's and friends. Taurus in love well Venus springs to mind ! you better be ready for love and I mean love Taurus loves sex !. it is our middle name hee hee...... we love passion and cuddles, hugs smiles fun laughter we thrive on it makes us happy and content.. we can do things alone we are positive people always see the light at the end of the tunnel Great home makers, I like making a cosy nest ! and fill it with love and happiness forever, always until the twelfth of never and that's a long, long time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I love Christmas also the seasons as each one has a uniqueness of its own x I am creative and passionate I love animals i would never intentionally hurt anyone x I like the odd challenge not all the time I love music. I am very choosey on who i Love . I have only ha one love in 33 years...... I like to cuddle and nurture this makes me happy, i am like a bird with its chicks i thrive on this. I must have been hit with cupids bow i am not normally this daring i can assure you...... I am shaking anyway it is dark now and my drive is long. i have an intercom outside gate can buzz it . If my beautiful one comes tonight it will be a miracle from God... I keep thinking i am dreaming as i am in love with cliffy yes I am.. I keep dreaming of holding him passionately in my arm and i think i am pretty sure what would happen after the kisses and caresses. Talking like this is not doing me any favours down below yes body has shocked me it has got life in it i thought was gone mmmm it has not it was saving it for a special person my Gosh it is like well omega ! oh dear hold on...please yes Thank you.....are these numbers going up not down my fingers will drop off be better if I show you what do you say !. before i petrify myself. of fright as i can not believe it could be truly you ........the drive is long and i do not like things that go bump in the night unless it is me and my lover woooooo that was brave for me lol Could it truly be the man of my dreams close very close? if so I want to lock up and come out please. i have to turn this off and look and lock up door what you say are you really here king ! Cliffmas if you are it is a miracle dream come true ! a miracle from heaven .....................Amen I will have to treble check you and make sure it is you i saw you at Powderham castle and cupid got me right their right then soon as i saw you and when i looked into your eyes that was it for me.....................i could see right into your sole everything all i could dream of and i thought to myself oh Ann you never can do things easy the heck is cliffy a legend ever gong to want you back get real ! However i could not get you off my mind at all cupid has struck are in my thoughts day and night omega cupid has some strong arrows you know ! very strong xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i am going to turn this off and be brave and look out my gate shall i ????? can you give me a sign please can you make my gate lights come on they are auto when walked by or phone me please i am scared in case it is shrek ! As i still cannot believe it