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P.A.I.N. Is an Australian Registered Charity. We Raise Awareness for the Prevention of Child Abuse in Australia. Child Abuse Prevention Is PRIORITY.

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Poland Stop Kill Herons [email protected]

Poland : Egrets to the killing, because they eat fish !

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National Public Register Convicted Sex Offenders Australia

Together and Only Together can We create Change. It is Up To each and every One of Us to do Our Part. A Signature or Pledge is the least You can do. We need Change Urgently. We need to KNOW where the Dangers are. If You were told where the Predators are. You WOULD BE SHOCKED. The Dangers are Out There. We Can Minimize the Amount of Lives Taken and Traumatized. It Seriously. Is Up To US. Your Decision is Yours. But, Please Remember. The Right Decision Can Save Lives.

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