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Children Are Taken By Government Departments When There Is No Abuse At All. It Has To Be Stopped

i dont understand why children are brought in to this world //to be hurt and for people ton do what they want to do to children//when i was 6 i didnt feel like i fitted any were in this world ?because i felt diffrent to my siblings and has i grew the way i felt didnt get any better .all i ever wanted was to be loved and felt like i belonged some were in this cruel world//i was abused by my aunty and so was my brother and sister but mostly me and my brother got it //and if any of my siblings did anything i got the blame for it //and as my aunty carried on with this abuse //i had enough 6 months and i couldnt see my brother or sister cry anymore and in the end i had the guts to tell me dad and then me dad sorted it. but this was not the point iv always believed that you have a child you protect them no matter what //and you love them all uncondicionally//and you do your best to show them the right way in life and nobody in this world has the right to hurt a child//or touch a child inappropriatly because that is one of the unspeakable things to ever happen to a child all i have to say is to all the children out there if some body does something to you and you dont think its right please tell some body because people will listen ok /im not going to sit back and see any more children mine am and im fighting for my to to save them but i have the strength to help other children and famillies

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