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Reduce Federal Spending And Balance The Budget

We need to start off by helping our on first if we did that they would be able to help others. All our Government will do is waist sitting on their rump spending thousands of dollars talking about it but will not do anything. Like right now I am disable I had to go through my 25 years of savings before I got my SS. I had only 2 jobs in my life I worked for My father at Bill Hintons Shell in front of the old skyCity and Bi-Lo on the bypass and was manager which I started when I was 12 washing windshields and checking oil. Now we going through another hardship case My wife is sick she has Fibromyalgia bulging Disk and a Cist in her neck pressing against nerves. They found out in September she also has Rheumatoid Arthritis I can not spell it but it is ankle soleus and she is in terrible pain like I was and still am. Well she had been with Self Regional for 14 years and we knew she was not going to be able to last much longer. I could not watch her going to work cring. So we went ahead and wrote a resignation letter to give them Oct 1 2014. I am sure they new it through the insurance what she had. They came in September the 24 and let two of them go her and another girl. Well as we found out what good is the Abomo Care if the Doctors will not take it so we doing our best with my disability and pension to pay her insurance which is 700.00 a month. It will most likely be three years before we get help. She has been sick for 10 years and pushed her self to work on to I told her you can not do this anymore. The Director at Self has let so many go it is sad what he is doing to that place MR Self has rolled over. The old man Self told me years ago what he meant for that place to be for the people in Greenwood SC. They just had build a multi Million dollar building for them then laid 6 to 10 off. Self Regional had some bad leadership right now. We did not even have the money to spend on the Grands for Christmas. Well we did we had God. This country is in worse shape than we know. We need to take care of our own people than they would be able to help others. The ones that are homeless all are not drunks and dope heads they just had bad luck and what our country doing. In 1989 Me and Jim Ravencraft ran the Boston Marathon we got up one morning to go run st 5am it was so many laying on the sidewalks that we could not go run to the sun come up and they disappeared. The people that need help can not get it. Like with me if it had not been for the Great employees I had and the employees at the main office we went bottom up. They went out of there way and took very good care of us. They got up a benifit and had a poker run and the Church calls them beer drinking Harley Riders they were the ones that step up for me not my Church. It was so sad. I went through 200,000 dollars like it was water before I got any help and now we like make a 100 to much to get help. This country let them keep on taking God out of it and it is going to be a day that all the homes here will not have window like a third world countries. Our Grand Children are not going to have anything to look forward to.

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