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End The South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Words can not express how evil, barbaric, sadistic this dog meat trade is. Utterly unbelievable that this abhorrent cruelty exists. I feel embarrassed to be a human, but at least I am a compassionate one. The world must come together and stop treating animals as if they are 'beneath' us. What is wrong in living in peace and harmony? What a wonderful world it would be! I hate living on the same planet as these evil people. How on Earth can a nation be allowed to carry on like this - as if they can hold their head up high and turn a blind eye the the screams and horrors of the torture being carried out day by day, hour by hour? It is beyond belief. Beyond 'normal'. I hope that the young Koreans will not want to be associated with such disgusting behaviour and show the world that they want to fight this

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