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Close Down 'soldiers Deserve To Die' Page On Facebook.

Hi, I can't believe anyone in their right mind would have such a Facebook page called "Soldiers Deserve to Die " but there is and, I can't sit still,without at list trying this petition. For all we know this could be ISIS,because Odum-dum has opened has opened all our flood gates. It's like a huge sale ,come one ,come all Free education ,homes,food and Healthcare. Remember how they use to say that "American's won't take these jobs" well it's turned out that neither do the Mexicans. We will always need soldiers, and they don't volunteer out of greed. If this is a very liberal group that wears rosy glasses.I would love to ask them,if they can't get along with us and you have to resort to being forceful,Isn't that proving that you can't have it your way. I mean you are wishing death to to young men,that die so you can be free. Which gets me to this, I'm getting tired of the last seven years so far. One person is Freezing and the rest of us are boiling,instead of the one person getting a sweater the rest of us must suffer. the Atheists are doing this with wanting the metal cross to be removed from the world Trade Ctr in NY.Lots of sentimental feelings are tied to the cross,from people that relied on their religion to pull them through that horrifying disaster. I believe people should have their rights in this country whether good or bad and I shouldn't judge. but, not when its tied with a mean slant. If you don't like someone (by today's liberal definition you are a racists-but they'll say know of course because it has to be a liberal endorsed group)Well here my Tea Party Conservative & Tea Party Democrat and all other groups besides Liberals,socialists and communists. You are a Racist for wanting to hurt or wanting something bad to happen to our Military--Please help me call the Racists out -I need all my Facebook Patriotic Pals and their Patriotic Pals together they will see that we have shut our mouths yet. When you mess with our soldiers you're messing with me and you're going down. Thank You,Truly Wanda Casamento

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