Nolonger Victims's supporters

  • child_abuse
    David Pittman

    David is the Executive Director of Together We Heal. TWH provides counseling & guidance for those who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

  • child_abuse
    Elizabeth Spratt

    A person who wants to move on with my life. Help people if I can. Be there for my family.

  • animal_rights
    Marian DeRossett

    I am a very compassionate person and care about people and animals.I am basically very quiet and love my computer.I have many interests my oldies music.

  • humans_are_not_a_commodity
    Teresa Belsky

    Some Woman Named Teresa in Nebraska I may have been F***ed With, but I'm not confused. W.C.A.I.C. - Women and Children Affected by Internet Crimes Love Humans

  • legalize_marijuana
    Marny Sarra