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Marlene Gera

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Help Puppy Doe's Campaign To Stop Violence Against Animals

when i see on my facebook page on how terrible people abuse their dogs and cats it hurts to see on how much they suffer out there u know they never ask to go through all that pain all they ask is to be loved everytime i see that also im crying deep down wondering why people have no heart im serious how would they like it if they were going through the abuse and see how it feels if anyone sees any animal being abuse please report it for every person that abuses an animal needs to be put in jail or do something to make them realize that was wrong if anyone can help with the campaign i would really appreciate it if more people out there that do have a heart please take care of them and love them up cause in the long run they give unconditional love back and it's a wonderful feeling to come home to the one u love sit right next to u or lay right beside u and giving them alot of hugs and kisses please don't let this happen to any animals i have 2 dogs of my own and it's so fun to see them play together and wake up in the morning and see there puppy faces anyone that cares should never let this happen to any animal and please adopt a sheltered dog or cat then u will see those eyes looking at u and saying thank u for adopting me and there heart says back i love you

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Personal Campaign

Marlene Gera

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Ukraine Animals Rescue Site. Help Save 10,000 Zoo Animals.

cause i have alot of love for animals and it would break my heart if something happened to these animals these animals deserve to live just like anyone else they need that chance creatures deserve to be treated they way they need to with respect they r put on this earth for a reason not to be harmed but to live in harmony if i could and had the room i would love to take them and give them love everyday being around animals is the best feeling anyone can experience when u r there for that animal its the best i have 2 beautiful dogs that get me through the day and they greet me every morning when i wake up we play i hug them and give them kisses and they know that they r loved but there r some dickheads that have no respect at all for animals they should be locked up i mean how would they like it if they were treated the same way in humane and to see how it feels of course those people that don't have respect for the animals they don't have respect for theirselves please lock up the people that do that kind of damage don't forget they have feeling and their human to please give them love and be their for them cause don't forget they will always give love back they do remember who is there for them

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