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Stop Elephant And Rhino Poaching In Africa

I have always loved elephants, since I was a little girl. That I grew up to learn that men were killing the beloved elephants was heartbreaking to me. I had also read that farmers were trying to protect their farms from the elephants who would wander through and unfortunately destroy these farms, so the farmers would kill them. Recently I read that researchers have learned that elephants do not like bees and have been observed running from the sounds the bees make!! What a wonderful discovery!! A natural way to keep the elephants away from farms by lining up little bee hives surrounding a farm would keep the elephants from coming near their farms. No need to continue killing elephants, that's the most important!!! This campaign means a lot to me because I love elephants and don't want them to be slaughtered just because they are walking around not realizing of course they are destroying farms. Maybe you like elephants as much as I do and want them to live, so here is your chance to save an elephant!!! Start your own campaign!!!

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