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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

This brutality needs to stop! If they breath n hava heart they r a life n all life is precious. We need to stop acting like savages KILLING OFF precious life! We need to b more respectful to our animals. If u hava real loving heart u will know that we need to come together to help stop this craziness of killing these loving beautiful innocent animals n we need to also help d hurting abused abandoned tortured and inflicted animals. We need to build a new better generation of more civil people that has compassion with a real understanding that animals r loving and innocent n depends on us to take care of them. We need to grow up, squash the savage spirit out of us and become more civilized and prove WE DO HAVE A HEART..WE CARE..THEY R A LIFE N THEY NEED R HELP..PLEASE HELP! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. Thank u so much.

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