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Susan Alter

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Defend Dolphins, Orcas And Beluga Whales In Russia.

10 Abuse of any species by humanity is a travesty. All species on this planet are a part of the ‘Web of Life”. All have their place on this Earth. They are not for humans to use as they see fit. We need to grow into the terms humane and humanitarian. Humans (oil, coal, fracking, etc. mongers) do not own the Earth. We are a resident as all species in the ‘Web of Life’. Earthworms make soil, trees break rocks in soil, clean the air, and one tree provides enough oxygen for a family of four humans. Pollinators pollinate. We are the wasters. We are the ones that over populate; have children we cannot care for that live on the streets as thieves or drug addicts. We need to grow up as a species and take responsibility for our actions. We as humans owe it to all species and ourselves to protect all life. We are the only species that can take care of this very special Earth. We have to grow up as a species and get along with one another; all species have a right to life and add to the biodiversity of this Earth. We are responsible for our actions, and we are responsible for our over population that we are unable to feed or care for.

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