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Remove Animal Hate From Facebook

Videos like this have no place on Facebook or any place else . I did not watch as I will not give credibility to the @&$Holes who did this. That poor little baby kitten did not deserve that no animal does. As an owner of 6 cats and a lover of all animals I am ashamed of the human race and the cruelty some people inflict just for entertainment. That video needs to be sent to the authorities and those idiots arrested How soon before that moron hurts a child or an adult. Animal abuse is just a stepping stone for more abuse If you don't like animals that is ok, that is your choice, but don't hurt them. I bet this idiot will say that this is his 1 st amend right to free speech Free speech should not include blatant abuse to people or animals This just breaks my heart, Facebook Or any other social media has an obligation to help stop this REPORT this to the proper authorities

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