Jane Young

I am an educator, therefore, I know that by empowering the public with knowledge, they can make positive changes for animal welfare. Knowledge is power.


Please sign and share this other very important petition about a dog left in the cold in Quebec.

SPCA Montérégie: Recommend or lay animal neglect and/or cruelty charges against the person(s) responsible for the neglect, cruelty, and/or subsequent death of the dog, Becky.
THE PETITION: (Français suit) We the undersigned respectfully request that the SPCA Montérégie, SPCA Montréal, Quebec Ministries of Public Security AND Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and any other pertinent decision-makers, recommend or lay animal neglect and/or cruelty charges against the person(s) responsible for the neglect, cruelty,…Read More
Dryden, Ontario man charged with leaving his dog out in the cold.

Dryden man charged after leaving his dog outside in -40C weather

DRYDEN, Ont. -- A Dryden man faces animal cruelty charges for leaving his dog out in the cold. Dryden detachment OPP officers received reports about a dog being left out in Wainwright Township. The officers attended the home in question and found a husky-cross dog in poor health due to the weather conditions. Police say the temperature…Read More
Please sign another petition relating to protection of animals in the cold.

City Council of Windsor, Ontario, Canada: Freezing Dogs Need Your Help! By-law needed to define precise "harmful temperatures" in which dogs cannot be left outdoors.
Southwestern Ontario experienced a "polar vortex" in the Winter of 2013-14 when temperatures were at extreme subzero levels for extended periods, yet numerous local pet owners left their dogs outside claiming that their dogs "wanted" to be there. Their ignorance put their pets at risk of frostbite, hypothermia and death. Unfortunately, current…Read More
Dogs saved from freezing temperatures in Quebec

Quebec dogs left outside in freezing temperatures rescued from breeder

Michael Shulman, Staff Published Thursday, February 12, 2015 5:36PM EST Last Updated Thursday, February 12, 2015 6:34PM EST The Humane Society International Canada and provincial authorities rescued 35 dogs on Thursday from a Quebec breeder who had been keeping short-coated and small dogs outside in…Read More
Alright Surrey!!

Dog owners in Surrey could face $500 fine for leaving dogs in cars

Global News
Surrey residents who leave their dogs in hot vehicles or loose in the back of a pickup truck could soon face fines of $500. City council voted to approve recommendations to the city’s dog responsibility by-law to allow by-law enforcement officers and animal control officers to issue tickets directly to people who violate the ‘Care of Dogs’…Read More
Campbell River, BC educates - excellent!

Campbell River group wants to take a bite out of hot dogs

Campbell River Courier Islander
Even with the windows cracked on a hot day your dog could die in your car. This is the word from the "No Hot Dogs" campaigners, a group of 196 people formed via social media in Campbell River and Courtenay to educate people that within five to 10 minutes in a hot car, a dog can suffer severe illness, irreparable brain damage or death. The group,…Read More
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