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Demand The Uk Grant Asylum To Female Nigerian Activist

Cut the religious part out of this issue. Sexual behaviour is a private, inter-personal and human rights matter in this world with any supposed God-on-high having no part in it. When sexual interactions are consensual and precautions against potential untoward consequences are taken, then such activities are no-one else's business, not even a government's, nor the churches'. I write as one who is not and has never been gay, and who values others as human beings in their own right, whatever be their sexual preferences. To imprison or execute someone for this when there are immeasurably worse "crimes" committed all around us - violent killing, so-called "honour killings", kidnapping, rape, murder, torture, enslavement, extortion, physical and sexual abuse - and many more that go either unpunished or minimally punished, is to employ extreme measures for what ought not even be offences in the first place. This is not respect for human rights, liberty, liberty or even justice. If Ms Aderonke Apate's matter of sexuality is an "offence", which, clearly I deny, then it must rank among the very very lowest on the scale. - On this basis, I appeal to you to accord her the asylum she requests, lest you and the UK become complicit in a potentially greater crime committed against her. Dr Serge Liberman Australia

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