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Justice For The County Clare Gsd

My Friends we all know of the terrible abuse and cruelty being inflicted on Animals up and down and right across the country. From our best friend the Dog to beautiful Ponies being run to death on the roas by their owners on their racing sulky traps. The list is endless on what these poor defenceless beautiful creatures have to endure on a daily basis. I ask ( NO I BEG YOU ) if you care for Animal Welfare Please Please will you sign my petition to have an Animal Abusers Register set up so that people who are convicted of Animal Cruelty / Abuse are placed on the Register and are forbidden from ever owning / or left in charge of an Animal again. We need 1,682 more signatures to reach our goal to try and have a register introduced in Ireland you can help by signing the petition every signature is of vital importance to the campaign to achieve our goal please please help us to make this a reality in Ireland. Thanks in advance my many friends and Animal Lovers.

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