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Fire The Officer Responsible For Shooting Max

I am so disgusted with the majority of police officers, they have egos way too big and think they are above the law. They work for us. First, there was absolutely no reason to handcuff that citizen, he was NOT disrupting anything. He was standing and observing just like the rest of the people, why not arrest all of them or NO ONE...they clearly had a vendetta against this man. They were strutting their stuff down the sidewalk like they were king pins......If that dog was a threat he would have come out of that window at their throats...it was just another way to show authority to the dog owner...that idiot didn't shoot to kill, he shot to make that poor dog and the owner suffer....and if he didn't then maybe he shouldn't be a cop because he can't aim......Majority of cops today have ego and authority problems. Those two should have been paying attention to the real crime going on. The owner of the dog, clearly was trying to put the dog out of the situation. Y do you need to brutally handcuff a citizen for observing something....he wasn't in the way...he wasn't obstructing justice. That was a beautiful loving loyal animal who was only guilty of loving and wanting to protect his owner and he did NOT act viciously. Had the cops not created the situation they would not have had to act like bullies....It is just rogue cops feeling their wheaties...cowards and dangerous to society....police do not condemn their own no matter if they did wrong....I have seen cops come to domestic scenes where it is another cop (brother, if you will) and see that a woman has been viciously beaten and high fives the man and asked how he was doing, meanwhile the woman is laying there bleeding...I know because I was a retired cops beaten wife and experienced just that....it is disgusting and a crime....... I hope this cop gets fired or at least demoted, preferably fired with fines and jail time. Again, they did not need to cuff the man in the first place. Police are becoming a threat to the citizens of America. I would love to see how they would react to their loved one (be it animal or human)...oh right that's a crime right....Give MAX justice.......

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