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Nobody Touch The Dog

I beg you to sign this petition!!! We are the only voice these poor animals have..we have to stop this sickening practice of torturing that they endure, I believe they also do the same to cats. If you haven't had thestomach to watch the video..I will tell what they do. They put the animal in a sack..put it into the oven...bake it..but it is still alive..THEN they skin the poor thing alive!!! I watched the I know they are skinned alive I saw the skinned wet body of this dog..jt was a close up of his face...made me want to throw up when I saw his little eye blink!!! WHY should they have to endure such torture just so the Chinese can have "tender" meat. Please take the time to sign this..every one will make a huge difference. THANK YOU!!!!!

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