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Say No To Household Water Meters ! Hamilton City Nz

Water meters will facilitate the charging of individuals / families for the use of a basic necessity, currently paid for through rates and rent. Rates will not decrease accordingly and so there will be an additional financial burden on already stretched family budgets. Home owners have every right to oppose and resist the installation of these meters and the introduction of water charges. Putting it simply, meters aren't needed, wanted or beneficial. Refusing them is the one sure way to stop those who would deprive us of public water ownership for their own personal profit, as water metering is merely the precursor of water privatisation. It will follow as sure as night follows day. Any water meters installed in Hamilton will be the new “smart meters” and I have huge concerns about radio frequencies from these wireless devices. Hamiltonians should be very, very afraid of any such meters. If you do not want a “smart” water meter monitoring water use at your home or business, an email to the Council refusing consent for entry to your property may be a good first step. You may also want to state that you do not consent to radio-frequency radiation to be broadcast over your property by your water provider, including to or from any of your neighbour’s properties. There are documented health problems associated with smart meters including: heart palpitations, chest pain, dizziness, inability to concentrate, memory loss, fainting spells, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, memory loss and an increased risk of cancer. · Visit the web page Take Back Your Power (Australia and New Zealand Directory) and take the recommended action. · Visit the website: Stop Smart Meters (NZ) and see what action you can take.

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