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Mike Wright

I don't have the money, to donate. So I donate my time. For the ones, who are voiceless. Who suffer, at the hands, of indifferent humans. Animals, worldwide.

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Mike Wright

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Show Compassion And Empathy For Animals

Dear friends, and , family. I am starting, this campaign, on my own, for my own reasons. I've never done this before. But that is how much, I want to help, put an end to this cruel, thing, they call a circus. I know, of the pain, these animals , are forced to bare. I've heard the screaming, from the elephants, as they are put thru their paces. Being forced with bull hooks, to do, what the trainer ( or so they are called ) wants them to do. To often, an animal will lash out, at the trainer, or the public, because, it can no longer, endure the pain. In tragic cases, an escaped animal, will be shot to death. The conditions, these animals, are kept in, are just, filthy, and cruel. Many animals, have been put through this, since they were babies. Some co.'s, who run circuses, are starting to get the picture. And are changing the way, they do things. These things, are mandated by law. But these laws, are broken, as if they don't exist. I was taken to these shows, when I was little. And enjoyed them. I loved seeing animals, I had only read about. Or seen, on T.V. But I wasn't told of the pain, they endured, day in, and day out. I don't know, what I can change, by doing this, if anything. But I won't sit around, telling myself, oh, this is bad, they should stop that. I'm going to do everything I can possibly do. To know, that in some small way, I may have helped stop an animal, from baring this pain, for one more minute. I hope you will support me, in my efforts. I would love to share with those, who are interested, or who care about these animals, anything, that we accomplish, with this campaign. I will answer any questions, anyone has, about this. I can be reached, on facebook. Thank you, for , taking the time, to read this. Mike. Wright

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