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Boycott Travel & Tourism To South Africa

THIS IS A DISGUSTING SET UP TO MAKE E-Z MONEY. ITS NOT A BUSINESS!! THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST FEEDING THE LIONS KNOWING FULL WELL THAT THEY ARE KNOCKING OFF THEY'RE NATURAL BIO RHYTHMS. FINALY, THEY WILL HAND THEM OVER FOR A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY "KNOWING FULL WELL" THAT ITS GOING TO BE A HORRIBLE, PAINFUL DEATH!!! THE LIONS ARE ABSOLUTELY CONFUSED BECAUSE THEY'VE NEVER HAD TO RUN FROM A PREDITOR (Did you see the look on the murdered lioness face -- frozen showing the SHOCK AND PAIN ON HER FACE because she was betrayed?!?) That picture is going to stay in MY mind for a LONG TIME.... These precious, sleek, sweet, gorgeous cats are here to abide by their instincts! We, are not only taking that away, we are taking away their natural balance of becoming a lion or a tiger....and the Mom is beside herself!! Who knows if she ever comes out of it. THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS A DISGUSTING LITTLE SET UP THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO OVER-SATISFY THEIR NEEDS AT THE EXPENSE OF NATURE. ...AND I ASK YOU, MY.FRIENDS.......TO.BOYCOTT.THIS.AREA..FOR..AS..LONG..AS.IT.TAKES..FOR.THESE..PEOPLE..TO CLOSE...UP..THIER...CANNED...HUNTING...FOR...GOOD♡♥

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