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Support The Anti Corruption Act: Get Money Out Of Politics

There is a world like this also..... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=636967906368961&set=vb.100001672713559&type=2&theat ​And, we always tend to look at Dubai's high rise buildings only​ I saw the video and am unable to digest that such cruel activities are being carried out even in this century. The little boys are treated badly. The food given to them are only biscuits. There are veterinarians to take care of the camels and nobody to look after the little boys. The boys are punished, beaten and subjected to the most inhuman treatment. All this is being done for betting in Camel racing. This situation needs to be reversed with the little boys being provided with facilities - like good food, education etc - and those promoters of the camel racing programs need to be punished severely to prevent this from ever happening in the future.

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