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I am a Animal lover .. small , big , domestic , or wild .. I have feelings I realise that cattle is there for to get killed for food , but I will not stand for insane and inhumane Cruelty .. this has to stop .. NOW .. we have to stand all together on that .. I always respected Jerusalem and I don't think all of the people from Jerusalem Agree with this BRUTALITY .. so we have to get to them as well to do the same what we do get to the GOVERNMENT and tell them the story or bring it out on to the STREET .. don't close your eyes .. ANIMALS feel the same PAIN what WE FEEL .. we live in 2013 .. not in the year 1700 .. I am sooo disgusted and very disappointed that we as people let this happen .. and for our GOVERNMENT I have only one thing to say .. you have to do something about this .. it is also your responsibility , that this Cruelty in Jerusalem cant continue .. NO MONEY is sooo important , that we can go with closed EYES through LIVE .. and don't CARE .. WE ARE PEOPLE .. NOT WILD ANIMALS .. :-( :-(

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