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Help Bring Military Service Dogs Home To Retire.

Can you even believe that you just walk away from your family that is what your order are & the women & men who don't even get to think for them selves put their lives on the lines & the family they leave behind & when they get home they don't get anything! For every $$they raise they should have to match it $$the dems who think just give out the money fix everything it doesn't! Help people fix up there there homes use the $$ to buy the homes lawn mower &nice things for there homes put fence up to let the kids &dog outside the whole family can grow food BBQ runnin around have friends & family make it a whole neighborhood but giving money & nothin has changed its that what they say doing the same thing over & over & it is the ones who are money jail &, prison & all who service Us please they have gone enough both of them they save lives they work for the government but when they go remember leave no 1behind right! OK I will stop going on!but men could tie ties & women Care deeply about them selves & homes & family now the government agency making so that you can't be marriage certificate keep family together & let the dogs come home I think u should take them on the plane & record everything that they say go Fox news & the only thing they care about is how he looks &,Dem's, will cave from the way they pressure so please let them come home!!

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