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Stop Execution Of Mariam Yehia The Sudanese Woman

Life of one person is precious God did not send Adams son to death as he killed his brother and put punishment to the one who kills the living one to teach us how life is valuable. No one can imagine that one can be loosing his life for his believe depending on a blind law made by men God has put charitable laws to teach people to respect the rights of others and His own rights. God is the origin of everything and every thought and every wisdom and what threat can put one person to a certain nation if he abandon their religion while other myriads are not believing in this religion. It is not just and not from God Who is perfect in justice that God accept that one rebounding from his religion to be killed while myriads of non believers are innocent. This is not from God but from people God is just and perfect in His justice and love to all the people He created. God is the one to judge no one is judging in place of God.

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